Curry Leaf + Rose Hip: Natural Iron Capsules
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Menaquinone MK-7: Vitamin K2 Drops
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Guava Leaves: Natural Zinc Capsules
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More Energy and Strength for Your Life!

Natural products for your happy everyday life.

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  • Emotion slow
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InnoNature Promise

Natural. Holistic. Pure.

  • Vegan and cruelty-free (PETA certified)
  • Organically-certified company
  • Produced in Germany
  • Climate-neutral company
  • 1 Product = 1 Meal
  • 100 days happy promise
  • Happy Life

    More energy and strength for your successful life.

  • Active in Your Daily Life

    Tackle your daily life and enjoy every moment.

  • Quality Time

    Be fit to spend time with your family and friends up to old age.


  • The Founders:

    We focus on natural health.

    A clear focus on products that help you live a fulfilling and happy life.

    All products consist of natural, pure ingredients and are manufactured directly in Germany.

    Our founders Julia and Gil have healed their long-lasting health problems with a holistic and healthy lifestyle.

    With InnoNature, we help you to live a fulfilled life.

  • Anna Isernhinke

    "I have been convinced of the quality and purity of the InnoNature products for years. Especially because I can use them for my whole family without hesitation."

    Nutritionist - @ebeanszaehler_ernaehrung

  • Sina Hildmann

    "For years, I have trusted InnoNature products in every situation in life, whether pregnant, breastfeeding or for my child - the perfect supply of nutrients is guaranteed."

    Nutritionist - @mutimbauch

  • Saskia Da Silva

    "Thanks to the products from InnoNature, I can safely provide my family and myself with nutrients with a clear conscience."

    Sugar-free mentor - @deinegesundefamilie

  • A meal for every product

    We at InnoNature want to give something back and provide help where help is needed.

    With every InnoNature product purchased, a school meal is made possible for children in Burundi (Africa).

    We can make a difference together.

    Change starts with yourself and, above all, we are strong together.

Our most popular products

  • Vegan and cruelty-free:

    We are one of the few European brands for nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals that is completely vegan and does not use animal testing. Our company is officially PETA certified and is monitored regularly.

  • Quality is our priority:

    All products are produced locally in Germany under strict controls and supervision. Our ingredients are natural and vegan. Our company is organic and Naturland certified and sales are controlled by the organic inspection body: DE-ÖKO-070.

  • 100 days happy promise:

    If you notice that our products have not convinced you within 100 days after you purchase, you can send us back the packaging and capsules or drops and we will refund the full purchase price!