Externally controlled through the pill - the 7 best tips for coming off the pill!



Did you know that between the ages of 18 and 20, 80% of women take the pill? Although an increasing number decides for alternatives, the pill is still the number one contraceptive. But sooner or later, most of us realize what a great influence the pill actually has on our organism. The decision to stop taking the pill has been made!



The hormones play an important role in almost all body processes. Whether for our energy balance, the skin or emotions - the hormones control everything. Above all, however, they have a significant influence on one of the most fundamental functions: fertility. 

So you can certainly imagine that hormonal preparations like the "pill" can affect your natural hormone balance. Many women complain of discomfort, especially when they stop taking it.

In the end, the positive effects predominate: better libido, health problems, tiredness and depressive moods disappear. The natural body awareness is strengthened. 



"I managed to get my body back into hormonal balance after stopping the pill and I feel wonderful. In this post I would like to share with you how internal and external detox, exercise and a healthy body awareness have helped me!"

Julia Lang, consultant for holistic health® and founder of InnoNature.


Before I share my best tips with you for the time after the pill, I would like to tell you a little bit about the female body. Because in order to be healthy, it is helpful to understand your body properly. Two things are very important:


1. Your body is a work of art

Try to perceive your body as a whole, with all its processes and symptoms. Because everything is really perfectly coordinated here.

2. The "hormones" in the pill are synthetic and thus a foreigner to the body.

It is often said that the estrogen - progestin mix in the pill is very similar to the body's own hormones. But little weight should be given to this statement. On the one hand, the synthetic hormones clearly differ in their "side effects" from the body's own. On the other hand, they cause our body's own hormones to stop working, which of course results in great chaos.



Hormones are active throughout the body and have a wide variety of functions. If you consider that nothing in your body functions independently, it quickly becomes clear that this exchange of "real" hormones by synthetic ones can have far-reaching consequences in your entire body.


The production of the body's own female sex hormones (progesterone and estrogen) is stopped, ovulation is suppressed - your hormone balance is externally controlled.


The organs 

Now you know what influence taking the pill with its synthetic "hormones" has on your body functions.

Ingesting these substances also affects the functioning of your organs. It affects the organs in their work, which has far-reaching consequences for your entire body.



1. Thyroid

Taking birth control pills often causes estrogen dominance, which significantly reduces the performance of the thyroid. In addition, this estrogen dominance leads to symptoms of hypothyroidism.
The thyroid gland needs some vitamins to function properly. Iodine + folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin C are just a few of them. You can find out whether there is a deficiency and how you can fix it naturally in our blog article: Vitamin B12 deficiency - why vegetarians and mixed dieters are often affected and what you can do about it!.
The pill can also cause a mineral deficiency, which means that the thyroid gland is insufficiently supplied and inevitably slows down its performance.


2. Liver

In addition to detoxification, our liver has a few other important tasks.
It stores metabolic products, converts hormones, which is necessary for the thyroid function, for example.
Moreover, the liver breaks down estrogen and regulates the blood sugar level, and so on. This variety of tasks also explains why the symptoms and complaints of a weakened liver are very diverse.
Do you sometimes feel tired, but find it difficult to fall asleep at the same time? Do you suffer from migraines?
These are possible clues that your liver may send you to make you aware of a problem. The liver recognizes the synthetic hormones in the pill as poison and starts breaking down these toxins straight away.
The liver is so busy with it that many other important tasks are neglected, for example the formation of bile, which is essential for healthy intestinal work.


3. Gut

Our gut - the center of the immune system. With 80% of all cells in the human immune system, it has a huge impact on your health and wellbeing.
It is responsible for the formation of vitamins, releases hormones and regulates your digestion. In addition, it provides vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. If the bowel is suffering, you are likely suffering, too.
  • Food allergies
  • Digestive problems
  • Neurodermatitis
  • Fungal diseases
... are just some of the consequences that a disorder of the bowel system can have.
The gut is also related to the liver because it needs bile for digestion. If this is not produced sufficiently, digestion will not take place properly either.



As you now know, taking the pill has a major impact on your organs, your body functions and, of course, your well-being.



When the pill had its big boom in the 1960s, it seemed like that was the women's road to freedom. Finally being independent and self-determined!
The formulas have been adapted in such a way that they can also have a seemingly positive influence on the complexion, the regularity of the cycle and even migraines. A pseudo win-win situation.
The pill was prescribed cheerfully without much explanation. However, this caused many young women to lose touch with their cycle and thus also with their bodies and their femininity.
It is now no longer necessary to deal with the topic of pregnancy, contraception and ultimately sexuality as a whole.


But the truth is:
  • Your complaints have not gone away, just suppressed
  • You are externally controlled
Regain power over your body!
Stopping the pill means going through life independently and tackling your possible health problems actively and in a well-informed way.


This is what awaits you after you stop taking the pill

You are probably wondering how your body will react if you suddenly stop using the “hormone” cocktail after taking it for years.

But here I would like to take away your worries: Your body will thank you!


"After stopping the pill, my hormonal balance was not immediately stable. Intermenstrual bleeding and irregular cycles clearly showed me how much my body had been under the influence of the pill. After 4-6 months, my body's very own balance was restored and I am overjoyed and full of self-confidence that I have made this step."

Julia Lang, consultant for holistic health® and founder of InnoNature.


Even if it takes a little patience and even though it can initially bring back old complaints such as skin problems and irregular cycles, the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages.



1. You are more balanced

Your mood is no longer controlled by synthetic, harmful substances. The ups and downs will most likely come to an end. Once your system has leveled off again, you will find that constant ups and downs are not in your nature.


2. Selfcare 

Your body is constantly sending you signals to let you know how it is doing. When you take the pill, this task is left in the hands of others. Symptoms are suppressed, which inevitably affects your well-being. When you stop taking the pill, you will find your true body feeling again: Back to the roots! This means that you can feel right away if something is wrong. Like this, you can take care of yourself much better.


3. Use your energy properly

In each cycle phase you are at a different energy level. When you stop taking the pill, you not only get to know your body's own energies, but also how to use them optimally


4. Save money

Because money is also energy. Use this energy for more valuable things.


5. Self-love 

Find your natural body feeling - without any outside influence. Rediscover your cycle and your femininity. And fall in love! Develop gratitude for your body and everything it does for you.



Your natural cycle says a lot about your health.
Find out why your periods deserve gratitude in our article on menstrual pain.



Even if the pill can mess up a lot - don't worry, your body can fix it.


"I have found that it is very important to detoxify the body now in order to re-establish a hormonal balance. I would be happy to tell you how I did it!"


Julia Lang, consultant for holistic health® and founder of InnoNature.



1. Inner Detox

This is of course primarily about your diet!

  • Alkaline and vegan nutrition, consisting of a lot of fruit and vegetables in combination with complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, offers an optimal basis and supports the intestinal work. 


"I believe that plant-based nutrition is the best choice when it comes to healing and cleansing the body."


Julia Lang, consultant for holistic health® and founder of InnoNature.


  • Avoid “stimulants” such as sugar, coffee, nicotine and alcohol. 
  • Support your inner cleanse by going to the sauna, because this eliminates toxins through the skin, which accelerates the detox process.

With this basis, you can support your body in finding its own flow (again).


2. Detoxify your environment

Next to diet, there are a number of things you can do to eliminate toxins from your life. Have you ever thought about your cleaning products and cosmetics?



When these substances come into contact with your skin, they find their way into your body.

Cleaning products and conventional cosmetics are often hormonal and based on mineral oil, which means that they can influence your natural hormonal balance.

Fortunately, there are many alternatives on the market and well-tried home remedies are also finding their way back into our consciousness.



There is more to a toxic-free life than the exact choice of diet. Everything that can get into the body in any way plays a role here. Whether cleaning products, cosmetics or monthly hygiene - choose very carefully. 


3. Movement

Physical activity plays a big role in your health. With regular exercise, you strengthen your immune system and boost your metabolism, which in turn is very beneficial for detoxification.

Whether strength training, endurance sports such as running or yoga - that is of course up to you. 


3-4 times a week you should really make your body sweat.


4. Sweat yourself to health

And that works best in the sauna. There, you can relax and let your body do its work. Due to the high temperatures, your cells are better supplied with blood, which not only results in a pink and glowing face. The increased blood circulation also causes toxins to be removed more quickly.

In addition to regular jogging and full-body exercises, sauna sessions are our highlight to really work up a sweat. This relaxes the mind and the muscles alike. You feel reborn afterwards!


5. Nature

The air we breathe also has an impact on our physical health. The city air with its increased exhaust emissions leaves its mark. That is why it is important to look for a balance. Parks, forests, sea breezes in the mountain air - treat yourself to a fresh breeze every now and then.



The advantages of a big city are very tempting, but you should always treat yourself to a break in the countryside. The wide view into the green calms the senses and helps you to relax.


6. Lead a self-determined life

We cannot control everything. Then why should we give up any more control? Coming off the pill also means accepting your body for what it is. And that is the best basis for a self-determined, contented life in harmony.


7. Holistic nutritional supplementation

For a well-functioning hormonal balance, it is very important to pay attention to the vitamin and nutrient supply. These include the basics, such as vitamin D3, vitamin K2 and vitamin B12 (with a plant-based diet). Minerals can e.g. be supplied by Sango sea coral and also the iron level should be kept in mind for your well-being.



InnoNature Immune System and Energy Bundle 

Balance on the whole level is an interplay between mental and psychological health. What this definitely means is an adequate supply of nutrients. The InnoNature immune system and energy bundle contains all products that we find particularly useful in connection with female well-being: vitamin D3, vitamin K2, vitamin B12, Sango sea coral and vitamin C.

This all-rounder can be taken either as a cure or as a permanent nutritional supplement and unfolds its effect on a holistic level. 100% natural and vegan.


✔ Highly effective combination of vitamin D3, vitamin K2, vitamin B12, vitamin C and Sango sea coral

✔ High dose and high bioavailability

✔ 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free

✔ Made in Germany

✔ Every InnoNature product purchased donates a school meal for children in Africa (Burundi)


What are you waiting for? Start your happy and self-determined life! 


Julia Lang
Consultant for holistic health® and founder of InnoNature.


I wish you all the best for your journey!

Be healthy and well,



Picture 10,11 & 12: Katja Vogt

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