Menstrual pain - what does help?

Woman holding her abdomen


Which woman can't relate...

Next to mood swings and exhaustion - women come across a variety of different symptoms when it's this special time of the month!  

Sometimes, severe physical pain bring us to our knees. The period turns into a cramp. 

But watch out, ladies, we have a solution!

...tense and sore breasts, blemishes, headaches and lower back pain and then there are the cramps. The cramps in the abdomen are often the main limitation.

Depending on how intense they are, they can immobilize us for days. When the bad mood arrives as well, we are officially done: Please do not speak to us!


Before I explain to what really can really help, a few brief information about the reasons:

Why it hurts during your period 


Here's a little introduction to what's actually going on every month: 

 The uterine lining is formed with the aim of implanting the fertilized egg cell in a uterus that is well supplied with blood.

In the case of non-fertilization, this uterine lining is shed again.  

 This requires estrogens, which are involved in the release of pain messenger substances (prostagladins). 

 These pain messengers cause the uterus to contract and reject the mucous membrane that is not required. 

 And this process can cause cramps and pain to varying degrees. But the hormonal interplay and, above all, the fluctuations in hormones is also responsible for many other symptoms, such as typical headaches or even migraines. 



This also explains the mood swings.  

 In addition, hormone-related water retention forms, which are often particularly noticeable in the chest, as they cause tension there.  

 Back or lower back pain can be related to the fact that all of the muscles in the abdomen cramp, which also causes hardening in the back.


What does really help with menstrual pain?


But enough of the pain that this particular process brings with it, now we would like to talk about what really helps. 

 It is particularly important to understand that what the female body masters is an arduous task. Every month, it not only sheds the lining of the uterus, but also cleanses itself of toxins. 

It provides us with this service all by itself, we can really be grateful for that! 

 But beyond that, we can also actively do something to support our body in the detoxification process and, at the same time, to provide relief.


You should now pay particular attention to the following areas: 


  • Nutrition 
  • Movement 
  • Rest 
  • Natural supplementation    


 Below, you will find simple tips that can help you to have a good time despite your period! 



The key word here is alcaline. Since over-acidification can make menstrual cramps worse, it is advisable to pay particular attention to your diet

This also includes avoiding stimulants (caffeine, sugar, nicotine) in order to counteract a mineral deficiency.

It is not easy to defy the impending food cravings during this time, but your body will thank you for it!



Exercise can do wonders now. But: be careful - don't overdo it!

Avoid force-intensive workouts, the main thing now is to relax your core.

Stretching can now be very pain-relieving, and yin yoga is particularly suitable for this.

Because yin yoga is about strengthening your feminine energy. The poses are held for a particularly long time and are ideal for relaxing the body.

Yin Yoga helps to calm down, to exercise patience and a deeper stretch is achieved than with more active yoga styles.

But sometimes a walk can help to relieve convulsions.

The main thing now is to listen carefully to your body and your needs and not to be too demanding.

Do not force yourself to perform at your best, because your body is already doing this by itself.



During your period, your body needs one thing above all - rest. Do not overwhelm yourself and do what is good for you.

It doesn't have to be the same pace as usual.

Allow yourself the time for yourself.

Hot water bottles and tea are great companions for a relaxed day. Yarrow and lady's mantle are particularly suitable as tea.

An appointment can be canceled for this, because you have the most important date with yourself.


Natural Supplementation

This is why it's important to keep a close eye on your nutrient balance.

The diet reaches its limits here and there, which is why it can be useful to supplement it with natural vital substances. Some nutrients, such as iron, are often deficient because we lose blood and iron during our period. This can contribute to many symptoms such as fatigue and the like.

Balance on the whole level is an interplay between mental and psychological health. What this definitely means is an adequate supply of nutrients.  

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