InnoNature helps: with every product sold, we make a school meal possible!

We are very proud and delighted that we can finally announce what we have been diligently preparing for months: the cooperation with Welthungerhilfe.


We at InnoNature want to give something back and provide help where help is needed

In the future, one school meal for children in Burundi (Africa) will be made possible for each InnoNature product sold

This is how we can make a difference together. Change starts with yourself and, above all, together we are strong.

Of course, there are challenges in Germany, but hunger and undersupply are not among them. 

56% of all children in Burundi suffer from stunted growth due to malnutrition. This is the highest value of all countries in which Welthungerhilfe evaluates data.

A nutrient-rich diet is a basic requirement for a happy, healthy and self-determined life for the children. Constant hunger gnaws at the ability to concentrate, which of course has a negative effect on performance

In this blog, we have summarized for you how the cooperation works and what the local conditions are

And because all the many important questions should be answered by an expert, we were allowed to interview Christian Stark from Welthungerhilfe. Here we go

Dear Christian, what is the current situation in Burundi?

Burundi is still suffering from the aftermath of the armed conflict that tortured the population for over a decade until 2005. More than 10% of the population does not have enough to eat, many more do not have a balanced diet.

The consequences are carried mainly by the children: 56% of all children suffer from growth retardation due to malnutrition. This is the highest value of all countries in which Welthungerhilfe evaluates data.

And how exactly can you help the children in Burundi?

Malnutrition is a lasting hindrance to the development of a country. A malnourished child can concentrate poorly, has little strength and stamina, and is more susceptible to disease. A lack of education often means remaining trapped in poverty for life.

Welthungerhilfe offers nutritious school meals for children. As a result, they are more concentrated and more receptive in school and grow up without this hindrance.

How is this school lunch made possible?

The meal is made possible by the World Food Program (WFP), donors from Germany and the commitment of the Burundian parents. They set up volunteer committees to prepare food for the children every day.

What does one meal per school child mean, what does it look like, for example?

The children get a warm seasonal lunch, with changing local ingredients. This can for example be vegetables with beans and cassava pulp.

How much of the 11 cents per product actually reaches the people of Burundi?

The entire amount goes into the project. Various campaigns are being financed on site to make school meals possible: school gardens are being laid out, small-scale farmers are trained in the cultivation of vegetables and supplied with seeds, and the ingredients for school meals are bought

Converted to a school meal, these measures add up to 11 cents.

How important is Welthungerhilfe's cooperation with companies such as us for you and the local people?

We firmly believe that the fight against hunger and poverty can only be won through the joint efforts of politics, civil society and business. The people in our projects benefit doubly from working with a company like InnoNature: through financial support and greater awareness of their concerns among the German population.

How is it ensured and controlled that the money ends up where it is needed?

All of our projects are regularly checked by independent external experts and an internal auditing department.

Welthungerhilfe implements the measures on site either itself or together with long-term local partners. The employees on site are in constant contact with the population.

Like this, we can respond to people's needs and use funds where they are most urgently needed.


We are very happy about the cooperation and are happy about the chance to make a difference, together with Welthungerhilfe and your help! 

We will keep you up to date about the situation on site and what we have been able to achieve together so far. Feel free to get in touch with any questions. We always look forward to reading from you.

Well, dear ones! From now on it is important not only to do something good for you and your well-being, but also to give a child a meal! 

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