Mineral wonder Sango Sea Coral: The natural source of calcium and magnesium

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The Okinawa Islands in Japan are basically a huge coral reef made up of Sango marine coral. When it rains, the water seeps through the coral mountains, washing away large amounts of minerals and trace elements. These can ultimately be found in drinking water. With a pH value of 8-8.5, this is exceptionally basic and compensates for an excessively high acid content. The Sango marine coral is subject to the strictest regulations. They are harvested on the seabed under the strictest supervision. Only fossil parts that have already detached from the reefs are removed. Thus, the Sango marine coral is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The calcium and magnesium components can be utilized particularly well by the human body.


Why do an above-average number of centenarians live on the Japanese island of Okinawa? Scientists have long been passionate about all questions about longevity, which is why the lifestyle of these islanders is of particular interest to them. They came to astonishing realizations: the inhabitants of Okinawa are not only much older than people in other regions of the world, the old are also extraordinarily vital. Since they come so close to this human dream, population groups in all other parts of the world would of course also like to benefit from it.

Drinking water enriched with Sango Marine Coral plays a challenging role in their diet. Thanks to its composition, this water ensures a perfectly balanced calcium and magnesium level. The drinking water also contains over 70 other trace elements and minerals. This special composition of the water prevents the body from becoming too acidic, which is practically unknown in Okinawa.

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However, over-acidity is a major reason for the aging process. Acidification plays a major and worrying role in western industrialized nations because it causes lasting damage to the human body. Despite an oversupply of food, a good coverage with vital substances is no longer guaranteed. An unbalanced pH value as a result of an acidic lifestyle empties the body's calcium and magnesium stores.

Calcium and magnesium are essential for building bones and nerve cells. The older we get, the more important it is to have a good supply of basic minerals. With high-quality minerals, such as those found in Sango corals, the aging process can be delayed. 


Most mineral supplements only contain individually isolated minerals. But the more different minerals and trace elements - in a natural combination - are combined with one another, the better they can be absorbed by our body. Calcium and magnesium are the two main minerals in the Sango coral and these are in the optimal ratio of 2:1. The bioavailability is particularly high because this combination is particularly similar (almost identical) to the human body.


The body needs minerals for all processes and processes in the body. Bones, muscles, nerves and psyche all depend on a good supply. For this reason, mineral complexes such as our Sango Coral are relevant for everyone.

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As with many nutrients, the need increases in certain circumstances. For example, if you do a lot of sport, if you have illnesses or during pregnancy, it can make sense to adjust the intake of magnesium and calcium.

Minerals also play a special role when it comes to the acid-base balance. On the one hand, they are base-forming and, on the other hand, they are needed to compensate for an excess of acid. If there is a lack of minerals, the body's own reserves must be used. Since minerals occur in bones, for example, the corresponding tissue can break down here. Calcium and magnesium support bones and teeth and ensure a balanced acid-base balance in the long term.


Industrially manufactured foods, sugar, food additives and the like leave acids in our body. In addition, there are external burdens such as stress in everyday life! All of this can lead to the body becoming over-acidic and out of balance. Minerals are particularly important in connection with the acid-base balance, because on the one hand they are alkaline and on the other hand they are needed to compensate for an excess of acid. If there is a mineral deficiency in the body, this can favor excess acid and disrupt the breakdown.

InnoNature Sango Coral capsules.

✔ Holistic effect: for muscles, bones and reducing tiredness.
✔ Natural, vegan and cruelty-free (PETA certified).
✔ High bioavailability due to the optimal ratio for humans 2:1.
✔ Made in Germany.
✔ With every Sango sea coral product purchased from InnoNature, a school meal is made possible for children in Africa (Burundi). 

I wish you a successful journey towards your holistic wellbeing and send you lots of love! Julia


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Julia Lang
Holistic nutritionist and founder of InnoNature.

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