Algae Oil: Omega 3 Kids Drops

Algae Oil: Omega 3 Kids Drops

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Algae Oil: Omega 3 Kids Drops


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Omega 3 Kids drops with natural DHA and EPA

✔ Holistic effect: DHA and EPA contribute to both eyesight and the development of the brain and heart function

✔ Natural supply of essential omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) from the microalgae schizochytrium

✔ Particularly highly bioavailable when taken in drop form

✔ Natural, vegan and cruelty-free (PETA certified)

✔ Simple consumption: consume 15-20 drops daily, easy to integrate into your diet (e.g. water, juice or muesli). Practical dosage with a pipette made of natural rubber. For children from 4 years

✔ Made in Germany

✔ With every bottle of Omega 3 Kids purchased, a school meal is made possible for children in Africa (Burundi)


Health Claims Omega 3 Kids

💛 HIGH BIOAVAILABILITY: Our Omega 3 Kids drops are optimally adapted to the needs and development of your child. They are rich in natural DHA as well as EPA. Due to their natural origin, the ingredients are particularly valuable and highly bioavailable.

💛 NATURAL, HOLISTIC, PURE: free of additives and superfluous ingredients. Gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, no coloring, no added flavors, no preservatives, 100% gmo-free and allergen-free.

💛 EASY CONSUMPTION: By simply dosing with the pipette. We recommend a daily dose of 15-20 drops. The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded. For children from 4 years.

💛 HIGH QUALITY: Made in Germany according to the highest quality standards (GMP, ISO, HACCP, Made in Germany).

💛 SECURITY THROUGH 100 DAYS HAPPY PROMISE: You and your health are our priority! Not satisfied, contrary to expectations? If you notice within 100 days that the drops have not convinced you, please send us your packaged or opened product including packaging and we will refund your full purchase price. Please contact with your request.


Ingredients: Omega 3 algae oil (algae oil from the microalgae Schizochytrium sp. 96,3%, sunflower oil, antioxidant: rosemary extract, tocopherols, ascorbyl palmitate)*

*Origin: Non-EU

The bottle contains 30 ml.

The daily dose of 15-20 drops includes:

  • DHA ≥ 127,5mg–170mg
  • EPA  ≥ 63mg–84mg

Consumption recommendation: Consume 15-20 drops daily dissolved in plenty of liquid (water). Recommended for children from 4 years.

Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet or a healthy lifestyle.

The Omega 3 Kids drops from InnoNature have a holistic effect on well-being and optimally cover the need for essential fatty acids, especially during the child's development phase.

An adequate supply of vitamins and nutrients is necessary for the good development and growth of your child. A deficiency can have many negative consequences, which should be prevented.

What's the healthy solution? To keep your child healthy and to prevent a deficiency in essential fatty acids, there are numerous preparations in different forms.

Our Omega 3 Kids drops are natural, vegan and contain a highly bioavailable, natural amount of DHA and EPA.

The valuable ingredients are directly and easily available for your child's body.


You and your health our priority!

Not satisfied, contrary to expectations? If you notice within 100 days that the products have not convinced you, send us the packaging and bottle / can and we will refund your purchase price.

Please contact with your request.

The InnoNature promise: natural - holistic - pure


Why is the recommendation from 4 years old?

For legal reasons, we can only recommend the drops from the age of 4 years. Since different legal regulations apply to children of younger ages, we are obliged to provide an age-restricting notice. We recommend to discuss different dosages, even for younger children, with your pediatrician.

Why Omega 3 Kids drops instead of our regular Omega 3 capsules?

Children often have difficulty swallowing capsules, which is why drops are more suitable. The dosage of these drops is also optimally tailored to the needs of children.

Why is there no precise recommendation for the dosage?

The official minimum and maximum recommendations for children are in this area. The dosage can be adjusted individually, as required.



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